Monday, November 23, 2009

Dillinger Exhibit

Dillinger: Forging a Hoosier Legend, an exhibit based on the crimes of the John Dillinger Gang, was designed by myself and five classmates during our final semester at Herron. It is currently on display at the Indiana State Library.

Dillinger Exhibit Process

Scenes from the planning and installation of the Dillinger: Forging a Hoosier Legend Exhibit at the Indiana State Library!

Eat, Think and Be Merry Email Invitaion

This email invitation was designed for Eat, Think and Be Merry, a holiday gathering on the first Friday of December at The Indiana Humanities Council.

Final Version:

Early Version:

Novel Conversations Logo

These various logos were developed by my myself and 2 colleagues for Novel Conversations, a free book-lending service for book clubs provided by the Indiana Humanities Council.

Final Logo:

Proposed Logos:

Early Logo Ideas:

IUPUI Boat Race Poster

Proposed poster for IUPUI's Regatta boat race. Inspired by Hatch Show Print style posters.

Global Crisis Poster