Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ban the Bling Ads & Posters

Waterights Flatfiles

Waterights Campaign

Waterights is a brand created to help raise awareness for the global water crisis. The goal of the brand is to create advocates for the cause by using a grass-roots campaign to inform and inspire. The center of the campaign is a 16 page action kit. The kit includes a DVD which contains print ready files of all the elements of the campaign. This way any individual who wants to make a difference has the tools they will need.

Indiana Dollars for Scholars

Rock for Riley 4

Rock for Riley is a charity concert series created by IU med students that raises money for the Riley Childrens Hospital. The band was Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, a local indie-rock group. The organic and serene sound of the bands music informed the design of the pieces.

I designed a logo and advertisements for the promotion of the Rock for Riley concert, as well as a poster and t-shirt for sale at the event.

Man & Machine

This typographic book explores the relationship between humans and the tools we create. The primary focus is the misuse of technology that results from a limited understanding of it. To play with this idea, I created a technique of corrupting images of text to generate unexpected results.

Zoo Marketing Plan

Persona Book